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Anonymous writes...

Since the six members of the League had to go to trial on Rimbor, I would like to ask that in regards to their civilian identities (notably, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne), what excuse did they give to their friends, and co-workers?

For I believe that Clark was still working for the Daily Planet at this time, so he would have to tell Perry White something (that he's quitting, etc.) also his co-workers like Jimmy and Lois (if she doesn't know that he is Superman at this time).And I am sure that after vanishing for almost six months the press has started to wonder where has Multi-Billionaire Playboy and owner of Wayne Enterprises has gone, as well as his employees like Lucius Fox.


Greg responds...

I'm not going to give you a rundown on how each of ten characters dealt with this issue. Some of this falls under the SPOILER REQUEST category. Some into the I haven't bothered to work it out yet category. And for now at least, all of it falls into the "I might as well leave this to your imagination" category.

Response recorded on July 31, 2013