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A Flash Fan writes...

Hi Greg,

Me again...thanks for answering my first set of questions the other day...I wanted to respond to one of your comments and ask a few other things while I am here...

1. I asked if Bumbulbee heard Psimon say that Batman was out of the picture when his comrades were unsure to vapture Batgirl in Beneath. You responded why it would be a problem? I asked because I think if she heard she would have alerted the Team and/or League...so did she hear Psimon?

2. While on Beneath and the latest episode Intervention...that was very clever to liberate Jaime...a bit of a stretch for my taste, but excellent nonetheless. Also I just wanted to say thanks for including the previous Blue Beetles' history; we need more cool stuff like this based on the past, and you are one of the few to do it so thanks.

3. Why does Asami have different colors in each eye? What lee you guys to do this? Just curious.

4. Why do some Reach pods put their captives to sleep but not others? Tim, Barbara, and Karen were awake, I think a few others as well but others were asleep.

5. Today you've been adding "aren't you glad you asked?" To the majority of your responses. Why? Are you being sarcastic or is thid just something new or another reason?

Ps Reallllllly miss Wally and Barry. Impulse is great, but you can't beat the originals.

Also you responded to a question yesterday or the day before about your ramble of your side trip to a slightly different dimension...I did tead it, liked it, must say I have felt something similar happen to me and I guess it's all in the mind. I recently learned that deja vu occurs because the mind is processing a current experience more slowly than usual and therefore leads one to believe the experience has been repeated. Maybe our trips to alternate dimensions are like this?

Greg responds...

1. Probably.

2. A bit of a backhanded complement, but you're welcome, nonetheless.

3. You'd have to ask Brandon and/or Phil.

4. There's a setting, but you have to remember to activate it. Also, sometimes if you've been in a pod long enough, you just fall asleep. Try it!

5. I was being sarcastic, because as I recall, I was annoyed at that moment. Aren't you glad you asked?

6. Maybe. But explain the can of "Palm-Apple Juice" on my bookshelf.

Response recorded on July 31, 2013