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Marina writes...

I was rewatching episode Downtime and then, for some reason, watched the last episode of first season and start wondering...

1. Why did you guys got rid of Ocean Master? Black Manta worked for him and now he's to take his place(sort of) among the Light?
2. Did Manta planned to get him out to replace him?
3. If that's not the case, did he died or the other Light member wanted him out for some reason and he's alive but now on his own as a villian?

About this last, I would have like to have him on season 2 and thus have a chance to see what's happend on Atlantis after the 5 years gasp. Would you have liked to see more of Atlantis on another episode like it was in Downtime? I would have like to see Garth as Tempest for sure...

I hope you can answer me those, and thank you fro the AskGreg page! I love the show!!

Greg responds...

1. Black Manta worked for the Light as a whole, not just Ocean-Master. Anyway, the answer to your question is a SPOILER REQUEST.

2. That's not what happened. Black Manta had nothing to do with Ocean-Master losing his spot.


4. I would have loved to have had the time to visit Atlantis again.

Response recorded on July 31, 2013