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kindle-ling writes...

Dear Greg,

I just watched episode 20 of Young Justice: Endgame. I just want to say that the episode was AMAZING. Truly ended in a way never to be expected.

Which brings up a couple of questions: The series seems to have ended in a very open ending hinting at possible plot points if it continued. 1). Is there any possible way, in the future( does not have to be near future), that the series could continue onto season 3 and onwards?

2). If not, then why end the series the way it has?

I am a huge fan of the team's work on the Young Justice series and want to congratulate and thank you for bring such an engaging, well thought out, and beautifully done adaption of all the characters and universe of the DC comics itself. As a fan, I hope you will be able to continue this wonderful artistic project everyone has worked so hard to make. If not, I wish you the best of luck on your next project and know this will be a series that the audience will fondly remember :>

Greg responds...

1. I hope so.

2. Because of the answer above. And because LIFE is open-ended.

Response recorded on October 01, 2013