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Jasser writes...

Green Beatles questions:

1.Does he now share a similar relationship to his scarab as Jamie does,with it a voice in his head.

2.While he was under control, did he also have the voice, or was that a specific side effect of Blue's scarab having gone off mode.

3. The beetle had control over his telepathy, but he himself could still think, does this mean telepathy isn't directly linked with thought?

4. Was his beetle specifically made for Martains(and,through that,EACH beetle specifically made) to counter their powers(such as shapeshifting away, or density shifting).

Thanks for your time, great season(..series?) finally!

Greg responds...

1. His scarab is dead and gone. I would have thought that was clear.

2. Yes, though maybe it was less objective.

3. I'm not clear on what you're asking here.

4. I don't think so.

Response recorded on October 01, 2013