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Kid Flash-Artemis fan writes...

Loved the season finale of YJ, though Wally apparently dying was like a knife to the heart of myself and my little brother, especially since DC has been very unkind to Wally West in general. Still, the way it happened makes me hopeful that he was simply sent to another dimension or something and he would have returned in season 3, perhaps with the KE he absorbed making him as fast as his relatives.

1. With the evidence the Team had in "Summit" connecting Luthor to the Light and bringing the Reach to Earth in the first place, how can he be a serious contender for UN Secretary General?
2. How was the League able to round up people like the Runaways and Blue Devil on such short notice?
3. Were you originally planning to have characters like Donna Troy appear in the Metropolis wide shot?

4. How long did it take the Team to learn that "Artemis" was Artemis' real name?
5. Did Artemis ever kill anyone before she joined the Team as part of her "training"?

Greg responds...

1. How did they connect Luthor from Summit?

2. Blue Devil is an ally of the League. I'm sure they have ways of contacting him. The Runaways were contacted through Arsenal.


4. Depends which member of the Team you're talking about.

5. No.

Response recorded on November 04, 2013