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Bring back the Wallman writes...

I have been a huge Young Justice fan since the very first episode "Independence Day". I instantly fell in love with Wally from the moment he came on and I had the same reaction when Artemis made her debut in "Infiltrator". So you can image how whelmed I was when they sparked up a romance! I love them! When the second season started I was devastated that they weren't in it. When they showed up in "Salvage" and we found out they were living together, my heat melted! I was so overwhelmed with happiness! The second season was excellent and the characters were brilliant! It was fantastic all the way until the death of Wally. I cried so hard and I felt like my heart was crumbling. I kept hoping all the way until the credits that maybe somehow he could come back. I couldn't sleep that night because poor, sweet Wally was all I could think about. The first season ended all nicely tied together with a bow on top, so I thought that's how season 2 would be. To my despair it wasn't so. Everything in "Endgame" was brilliant except for Wally's death. I don't want Young Justice to end with a taste of sadness in my heart. I don't want to be 60 and look back on Young Justice and feel sorrow. Please, I wish from the bottom of my crying heart, that there can be another season of this great show and Wally can come back and be reunited with Artemis and my heart can be whole again. Please let there be hope for Wally's return in a third season. Please.

Greg responds...

I'm afraid it's not up to me. I wish it was.

Response recorded on November 04, 2013