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Jared writes...

Hey Greg, first off I just want to say I have been fan of a couple of your series and just want to thank you for creating top notch animation.

My question is in regards to Superboy's invulnerabilty, how in vulnerable is he?

In the episode where the team investigates Santa Prisca and project Blockbuster we see Superboy does not receive any physical injuries from the guns, but in the episode where Superboy goes up against Wolf the viewer can see visible claw marks on his shoulder. So I was just a little curious as to Superboy's invulnerability, and how far it goes in your continuity.

Thank you for your time and patience in answering our many questions. Whatever projects you do in the future I wish you success, although the fanboy in me hopes one day Young Justice will be revived (hope never dies).

Also sorry if this has been answered but I have searched through the archives using the keyword "Superboy."

Greg responds...

He's pretty darn invulnerable.

Response recorded on November 27, 2013