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Second Aristh writes...

Hi Mr Weisman. I'm a big fan of dramatic cartoons, and only recently realized how many of my favorites were your work (Gargoyles made me think of Shakespeare as a friend!) Thank you for making such an impact on my childhood. I do have some questions about Young Justice.

1. Are boom tubes an extension of zeta platform technology or a mostly different technology with some similar applications?
2. I was impressed at the way different backstories were tied together in YJ (e.g. Beast Boy's powers as a product of a Martian blood transfusion). Was there any particular process that you used to know when things felt "right"?
2b. Any ties that you were particularly proud of off the top of your head?

Thanks for taking the time to interact with us Mr Weisman! I look forward to more of your work.

Greg responds...

1. Boom Tubes and Zeta Platforms have nothing in common technologically, though both utilize Zeta Beams.

2. Discussion with Brandon Vietti and Kevin Hopps. Bouncing stuff off smart people is always helpful.

2b. <shrug> I did like our M'gann/Garfield connection.

Response recorded on January 06, 2014