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Tupka writes...

At first, I was wondering why the Kroloteans would take so many famous politicians - and Bibbo. Players answered some questions, but raised more.
1. Assuming Noor's guard told Queen Bee as soon as he knew where they were heading, how fast could she get there? I assume she was based somewhere in the city, but it's huge. And in a state of panic.
2. How fast could the Kroloteans whip up a "bodysuit" of someone they never seen before? Judging by Bibbo's surprise, they didn't take any measurements or anything. Can this one be brushed off with "it's alien tech"?

Greg responds...

1. I'm not gonna sweat the small stuff. If it interests/bothers you, feel free to make something up.

2. This I did sweat, and originally I had planned to show a scene where we see a "BLANK" body-suit adapt to match the person it was replacing. But there just wasn't the page space when it came down to scripting the issue. (Bummer, huh?)

Response recorded on January 06, 2014