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Superboy fan writes...

Greg, I watched young justice religiously every week until it's end. But I have to admit as a Superboy fan I was disappointed deeply in Invasion. In the second season everyone of the main 6 seemed like they had a role. Artemis, Nightwing, Kaldur and Wally had their secret and Wally his eventual death. M'gann had her abuse of her powers. Superboy's plot was essentially looking sad at everything and getting beaten up every time he was put on screen to the point I started cringing whenever he appeared on screen because I knew he wouldn't do anything effective against the villain of the day.

It was especially apparent in Summit where we get to see nearly every member of the team get to do something awesome and Superboy instantly gets slapped down by black Beetle before he gets his chance when just moments earlier M'gann and Artemis held off their own against him. Il

It just seemed after a certain point you were just picking on the guy.

And relatedly I have to admit I come from home where my mother was very abusive to me and my father so I admit that colors my bias somewhat but I noticed a few other people spotting the parallels as well. But basically M'gann and Conner's relationship dynamic shift seemed incredibly abusive to me. M'Gann's decision to try to erase his memory and abuse the power she had over him and then his reaction to hide what she did to him instead of telling anyone because he still loved her and doesn't want to get her in trouble over him hit a little too close to home. And instead of being apologetic in the slightest she runs off to another guy. So I admit I was hoping all season that Conner would eventually confess to anyone what she did to him and get some kind of support system and the two would eventually become friends again but no longer lovers. So I have to admit their semi-getting back together in Endgame brought me much disappointment. It just seemed like Conner's character stagnated while she dated a rebound guy and realized he was right and it's be okay because he was always there waiting for her. When it seems like he's much better off without her.

Greg responds...

You know, no matter who your favorite character is, you're going to feel he or she was short-changed. I get folks upset with us over Wally's lack of screen time, over Nightwing's lack of action, and so on and so on...

For you it's Superboy. And I get that. I don't agree with your assessment of how we did use him, but there's no doubt he took a backseat in the second half of the second season. Invasion, as I've repeated ad nauseum, was plot-driven, and his role ebbed and flowed with that plot.

So, no, we were no more picking on Superboy than - as another recent poster claimed - we were picking on Kid Flash. We love both characters. Sometimes we showed them in favorable lights, sometimes we didn't. The fact that you focus on the negative may be a fault with our execution, but it certainly doesn't match with our intent.

As for Conner and M'gann: you flat-out don't know where that would have gone. Best not to make assumptions.

Response recorded on January 07, 2014