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Anonymous writes...

The ending of "Young Justice: Legacy" shows that Aqualad took a leave of absence from the Team in February 2015 to go on a personal quest to find some answers about his own origins. But then, we also have the flashback scene from "Before the Dawn" that shows Nightwing and Aqualad shaking hands sometime prior to the start of Aqualad's undercover assignment.

a. This would clearly suggest that Aqualad came back sometime after he finished his personal quest, but when exactly did this flashback take place in the 2015 timeline?

b. Would the flashback scene also indicate that this took place during a time when Nightwing was in Mount Justice by himself and thus would explain the private meeting between himself and Aqualad in the Grotto?

c. If the meeting between Nightwing and Aqualad was private, then by the time Aqualad started his undercover mission, when was the first time he officially revealed himself to the other members of the Team as a "traitor"? (assuming the revelation took place during 2015)

Greg responds...

a. Well, it would suggest that he physically came back and had a conversation. Not that he rejoined the Team.

b. I'm not going to get into details of the meeting, at this time. For now, use your imagination.

c. The first time most of the Team confirmed for themselves that he was a "Traitor" was in episode 203. Of course, most of them believed Nightwing - even if they didn't want to.

Response recorded on January 13, 2014