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Anonymous writes...

Questions on the zeta shield. It first appeared in Salvage, to block zeta trafficking to earth; and according to L'gann others that want to later zeta off world need permission to do so.

In Endgame, we see Adam Strange, Conner, and M'gann go to Rimbor through zeta beams according to Conner.
To Zeta off world in Endgame did they have to shut down the zeta shield, or is there some sort of override code that allows those such as Strange to bypass it?

I'm thinking the former, why bother having La'gann give us this exposition in the first place then.

If they had to shut it down temporarily when did they get it back up that day. Did they turn it back on shortly after they were done with the MFD's?

Does Rimbor have a zeta port/tube on Rimbor, or is Rann not far from the planet Rimbor?

Greg responds...

1. The shield has to be taken off-line briefly for people to zeta on or off-world.

2. They shut it down for the trio to leave and then turned the shield back on. When they received a signal that the trio were ready to return, they briefly shut the shield down and turned it back on again when they were safely back.

3. You know, I remember figuring this out back in the day, but for the life of me, I can't quite recall what we came up with. But Rann is clearly in the same basic area of space as Rimbor. That much we established.

Response recorded on January 24, 2014