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matt writes...

couple questions about Demona in "Awakening 1 and 2"

1. when Goliath says hes going to find the Vikings, Demona says, "... let me come along, at least!" why would she say that? if shes so worried about following 'the plan' why would she volunteer to 'abandon' her clan as Goliath does?

2. and when Goliath does leave, he leaves Demona in command of the clan. as Second she has authority anyway, but when Goliath goes, she is effectively in charge. so using that command, why didn't she just order the clan to leave and follow 'the plan' Demona had to think of that, right? i mean, she ran away herself, and almost told at least Othello and Desdemona. in those last few hours before sunset, why didn't she gather the clan and get out of there? did she really trust the Captain THAT much? did she not trust herself THAT much?

Greg responds...

1. She's trying to make the best of a bad situation, in her own self-involved frightened way.

2. Goliath gave an order for them to stay. For her to countermand that order, even as Second, would probably -- at least in her mind -- required some explanation. Plus, on some level I think she felt she HAD to trust the Captain. Because if she didn't why was she doing ANY of this. And yet on another level, she clearly recognized that she couldn't trust him completely -- else why would she flee herself. What it comes down to is that whether or not she'd ever be willing to admit it, she KNEW on some level that she was betraying a trust herself. That rippled into all sorts of levels of deceit and insecurity. She was MIND-F**K'D, basically by her own choices. Tragedy insues. You get the drift.

It's all very complex, I admit, but I think that's why Demona is so interesting.

Response recorded on February 13, 2003