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Jarrod writes...

Hi Greg!

Thank you for all your amazing work on YJ, Gargoyles, SSM, and the many other series you have been a part of. All of them were beautifully animated and fantastically written.

I was excited that Season 2 part 2 of Gargoyles was finally released. I was hoping that we would get some more episode intros from you. They were a great boost to the season 2 part 1 dvds. I suppose Disney wasn't interested/didn't contact you about the possibility?

Anyways, My Boyfriend and I both loved YJ, he even went to NY Comic Con as your YJ Nightwing! He got many compliments and it was fun to Attend the informal YJ meet-up with Christopher Jones.

I recently heard that Cartoon Network has cancelled Beware the Batman, and that in order to keep the DC block going, they might bring back YJ? I know you probably don't have a say in such things, but we all hope for it.

Thank you again!

Greg responds...

We had some - minimal - contact about the DVDs, but they clearly weren't interested in putting any extras on there.

As for your YJ rumor - that's all it is. YJ is not back in production.

Response recorded on January 27, 2014