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NoOneSpecial writes...

1. In Bereft, was it phsimons intention to erase the teams memorays or was it purely by accident?
2.At what point did the light become aware of miss martians introduction into the team? They knew it already consisted of robin, speedy, conner and aqaulad after the events of Fireworks, so when did they learn about miss martian?
3.During the Reach/Light summit, why ra's give an excuse for klarion's absence?
4.How was wally meant to act during the whole artemis death story? I know he would pretend to be in mourning but would he really have been convincing for everyone else? In Darkest he seemed pretty angry at the idea that aretmis or the others could have been really killed. Would that have been a more geninue reaction for him to have? Did any one from the team talk to wally when aretmis died or did he intentionally avoid everyone?
5. Is devastation a clone of someone else?

Greg responds...

1. It was his intention.

2. At some point after Aqualad, Robin and Kid Flash told Roy about it and/or after Santa Prisca, whichever came first.

3. I don't think he did.

4. Others expressed sympathy, of course. He did steer clear to some degree. As for whether it was convincing, we thought so. Some did not, obviously.

5. Nope.

Response recorded on January 28, 2014