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Paul writes...

Hi Greg! A few YJ questions:

1) If Little Orbit make another Young Justice game and start discussing potential DLC characters, do you think you might entertain the idea of including Troia and Sergeant Marvel as DLC characters? If the show and the comic don't come back, the games made by Little Orbit might be the fans' only chance of seeing them, even if they're just thrown in there for non-canon fun like Bumblebee, Lagoon Boy, Blue Beetle and Wonder Girl were for Legacy. I realise it's probably not your call as you're not an employee of Little Orbit, but maybe this is something you could suggest to them if they get in touch again please?

2)Just out of curiousity, why did you opt to put Troia in the 'Junior' class, when the other original Titans from the comic (i.e. Dick, Wally, Garth) made it to the 'Senior' class'? Having Jason Todd, the Marvels, Batgirl etc. as 'Juniors' makes sense to me, but Donna's a bit more iconic due to her comic book counterpart's affiliation with the founding Titans, so I was just wondering what the rationale was for not having her make it past 'Junior' level.

3a) Why wasn't Donna Troy used in the companion comic book, once it became clear that you wouldn't be using her in season 2?
3b) Did you consider including her in any issues?

4) With Troia and Sergeant Marvel originally planned to be included in the bridal shower scene, I wondered if we would have heard Mary say, "Shazam!", to shatter the ice that Captain Cold had formed around them? Was it planned for her to say that, either before or after Zatanna's 'garb us for battle' spell, had she been in the scene?

5) I read online that the reason for Lieutenant Marvel and Sergeant Marvel not being on the Team in season 2, from what you said at Wondercon, is that there wasn't enough room for their story arc. My question is, since Batgirl, Beast Boy, Robin and Wonder Girl didn't have arcs in season 2 but were included nonetheless, why didn't you keep the Marvels around in minor roles too?

Greg responds...

1. It all depends on content, I would think. But I'm not opposed to the idea, especially as fun DLC extras. The problem is that those characters were never designed. And we'd all want Phil Bourassa to design them in collaboration with Brandon Vietti. Or maybe Chris Jones or Jerome Moore in collaboration with Phil and Brandon. In any case, I'm happy to make the suggestion, if and when.

2. The fact is, as I've said many times before, both Wonder Girls (Donna and Cassie) were off-limits to us when production began. By the time they got ON-limits, it was too late to include Donna in Season One. So she became a "Junior", so to speak, by default.

3a. Well, keep in mind, that didn't become clear until partway through production. We had planned to use her in two episodes (208 and 220) of Season Two until it just became a production impossibility. Anyway, had the comic continued - or the series for that matter - we would have definitely have introduced her. But both ended before we had the chance.

3b. None that came out. But we have plenty of stories.

4. She would have said "Shazam!"

5. Weren't we already crowded enough?

Response recorded on January 30, 2014