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Paul writes...

1) Out of curiosity, if you could have included Troia and Sergeant Marvel in the crowd shot in "Endgame", who would you have paired each of them with in the subsequent scramble for the MFDs? I know that this would likely necessitate a 'reshuffle' of the pairings you came up with for the final episode, since say pairing Troia with Superboy would leave Wolf wanting a partner, but ignoring that, who would you have ideally paired with Donna and who would you have ideally paired with Mary for the team-ups?

2) When you and Brandon Vietti were developing Young Justice, were you 'for' the possibility of having an even number of male and female leads in season 1 or did you set out to have slightly more male leads than female leads? Basically, what I'm asking is whether you were at all interested in the prospect of having 3 male leads and 3 female leads instead of 4 male leads and 2 female leads.

3) Why did Nightwing and company allow Mal to join the Team as Guardian? I guess one could argue that it was because he proved his worth by helping against Despero, but since his sole contribution in that fight was to stall for time, I'm wondering why Nightwing and company felt he was Team material?

4) What was the in-universe reason for Donna not being available/ready to join the Team at the end of "Fireworks"? We know why Garth and Roy couldn't (since Kaldur took Garth's place as Aqualad and Roy was replaced by a certain angsty clone), but what about Donna?

5) I noticed Tempest in the crowd shot in "Endgame". What has he been up to since leaving the Team i.e. what's his occupation now?

Greg responds...

1. I'm sorry, but I have no idea. As you noted, it would have meant a complete reshuffling. And I'm just not inclined to do that now.

2. We knew by the end of the season we'd have four and four. But we weren't really thinking in terms of male vs. female. We wanted balance overall, but we had other priorities as well.

3. Don't you think he was Team material?

4. Donna hadn't yet debuted as a hero.

5. Um... He's teaching combat sorcery in Atlantis.

Response recorded on January 30, 2014