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Paul writes...

1) Why wasn't Troia included in the last scene of "Alienated", when Wonder Woman and the others were bidding farewell to the Earth?

2) Since Rocket appears to be a mother in Team Year Six (as Amistad was mentioned in the companion comic), did she take a leave of absence from the Team when she was pregnant? (I'm guessing she did…) If so, how long was her 'maternity leave'?

3) While Troia was on the Team, was she mentored by Wonder Woman?

4) Did Mary Bromfield or Freddy Freeman have A designations, since Billy Batson had one?

5) Is there any chance that Phil Bourassa might do Young Justice designs for Troia and Sergeant Marvel sometime in the future? I've tried asking him on deviantart but I don't know if he's allowed to do that kind of thing. If he were to design them, would you weigh in to give your verdict before he posts them online? Can't speak for other YJ fans, but I would love to see YJ designs for Donna and Mary.

Greg responds...

1. Well, the obvious reason is that she wasn't designed. One assumes, in universe, that she and Diana had already had their goodbyes.


3. Yes.

4. Yes.

5. I'd love to see them too. But it's really up to him.

Response recorded on January 30, 2014