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J.J. writes...

Hey Greg Got a few Young Justice questions:

1. When Beast Boy transforms into an animal, say an exact replica of Wolf(except green of course), is he able to communicate with the animal?

2. Basing it off that out of ALL the characters, especially in the Team, Superboy has had the most interactions and seems to have taken the most interest in Apokolipse tech throughout season 1 and 2, is it safe assume that he would have had a considerable role in season 3? just going by that logic.

3.Since Superboy is pretty darn indestructible is it safe to say that the best and simplest way to kill him is by drowning him?

4.Same with Superman?

5.In your continuity is it possible for a Green Lantern, whether Hal, John, or even Guy, to take down Superman if the situation called for it.

Much thanks for the opportunity and buying your book and planning to pre-order the second as soon as possible.

Greg responds...

1. To a degree, perhaps...


3. I suppose. Although I don't know how "simple" that would be.

4. Shrug.

5. It's possible for Bumblebee to take down Superman given the correct circumstances.

Response recorded on February 05, 2014