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Josh Wurzel writes...

Hey Greg,

This one has been bugging me for a while. How on earth did Demona know that raising Castle Wyvern above the clouds would end the spell? She obviously didn't have the entire Grimorum memorized because she said something to the effect of "how could my love be stone at night?" (implying that she didn't recognize the spell, despite studying with the Archmage). And for nearly 1000 years, the book was well out of her reach, first going with the magus and then being whisked to 1970 or some such year by the TimeDancer. By the time Xanatos would have let Demona read it, the castle would already be on top of the tower, best as I can figure.

2) did she tell herself in "Vows" in some scene/dialog we didn't see?

2a) if she didn't tell herself, did her year-974 self look up the spell after the events in "Vows"?

3) Did Demona tell Xanatos about the way to end the spell so that she could get him to raise the castle, or did Xanatos already know about the spell from the Grimorum when he met up with Demona?

4) If he already knew about the spell, then why did he get involved with Demona?

Thanks. I hope these were clear.

Greg responds...

1. You figure wrong. Demona and Xanatos first met before Xanatos even purchased the castle. They began collaborating and planning.

2. No. See above.

2a. See above.

3. I think he may have known about the spell. I'm sure he had the book translated. But he was missing key pieces of information, which Demona provided. Team effort.

4. See above.

Response recorded on June 03, 2003