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Anonymous writes...

You were previously asked about the religious practices of the members of the Team, but left out B12-15 and B24-26 because at the time the identities of those characters were still unrevealed. I thought the insight into the possible religious backgrounds of the Team members was interesting and neat, so I was wondering if you could take a stab at telling us what the religious practices of B12-15 and B24-26 would be, please?

Greg responds...

Well... I don't want to spoil anything or go into too much detail that would tie my hands, but, sure, I'll say that with the (possible) exception of Troia, they were probably all some denomination of Christian. As for Troia, I'm not saying anything one way or another because any answer might reveal or suggest something about what version of her origin we were choosing.

Response recorded on March 05, 2014