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J writes...

I once asked:
"Does your version of  Despro  have telepathic powers like in the comics, or can he do anything other than paralize with his third-eye? If he does have telepathic powers, why didn't he "hear" the conversation between Miss Martian and Guardian? Was it because he didn't have his third-eye open at the time?"

And you responded:
"You're assuming that his paralytic power isn't telepathic in nature. You're assuming that all telepaths operate on the exact same frequency. Neither of those are safe assumptions."

Actually I did assume his paralizing others was a mental ability...maby I should have stated my question more clearly.
What I meant to ask is:
Does he have any mental powers other than paralization, specifically communicating telepathically?

I guess I was kind of assuming that all telepathy would opperatin on the same "frequency."
Can you elaborate on this?

1) Psimon has no problem knowing when Ms. Martian is using her powers or getting into her mind. Do they operate on the same frequency, then?

2) Can telepaths change frequencies?

3) Do all martians operate on the same frequency?

4) Is the frequency the telepath operates on related to how powerful they are? (ie do more powerful telepaths operate on higher frequencies?)

Greg responds...

1. Psimon is adept at altering his frequency to match others. Despero can too, but he considers himself above the need to listen most of the time.

2. Some can. Some can't.

3. No.

4. No.

Response recorded on March 11, 2014