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Tupka writes...

The fourth trade paperback isout, prompting me to get it and reread it. Digital's nice, but I'm a sucker for paper. Which means double royalties for you :)

Two questions:
1. Icon was removed from the cover of #21, seemingly last-minute-ish. I noticed the version with Icon was used as the back cover, and also in the cover gallery in the back. Has anything changed with the legal issues, or was that an oversight of whoever deals with trade paperbacks at DC?
* Several of the LexCorp guards in the room guarding Match were trapped in the force field - they couldn't move, their head, feet and hands were glued to the sphere. What happened to them when the sphere started shrinking?

Greg responds...

For the record, I've yet to see any royalties from the YJ comics. Not that I expected any. The bar is set pretty high. And I was paid for my work. Anyway...

1. Honestly, to this day, I have no idea what the deal was with that. Don't know why they forced us to remove Icon and Rocket from the story. Don't know why he now appears.

2. I think you're misinterpreting the art (or I'm misinterpreting your question). They are lying unconscious ON the sphere. They're trapped within its volume, but they're not stuck in their energy, and nothing is glued to anything. They're not moving because they're unconscious. When the sphere shrinks, they'll shrink with it.

Response recorded on March 11, 2014