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btgr writes...

Voice Actor questions:

1. Did you know that Nolan North voices a creepy cannibalistic hebephile named "David" in the Playstation 3 game "The Last of Us"? I only asked because David is one of the most hateful characters Nolan has ever voiced in his entire career! Here's the video to prove it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiVmKnrjBMQ

2. Have you met Yuri Lowenthal's wife Tara Platt?

3. Have you heard of a mockumentary called "Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt's Con Artists"?

4. Favourite cartoon character voiced by Troy Baker?

5. Favourite cartoon character voiced by Ashley Johnson?

PS: I really want to meet Yuri Lowenthal at an expo because he's on my list of Ben 10 voice actors who I really want to meet.

Greg responds...

1. No, I did not.

2. Yes. She's lovely.

3. I've heard of it, but I haven't seen it. I have seen multiple episodes of their "Shelf Life".

4. Though of course I know of Troy, I'm not familiar with his work.

5. Terra, I suppose. Though that's not how my mind works.

Response recorded on March 13, 2014