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Presto writes...

A question about Star Wars Rebels. I was wondering what that current process is like since with your last two shows, you were able to really play around and manipulate the characters as you desired since you were essentially setting them in a new universe. With Star Wars however, you have to set the show in an established continuity and use material from its predecessor The Clone Wars. How are you adjusting to this new format? Is the creative freedom more restricted or more or less the same? Also just as a Star Wars fan, what do you think about the prequels (*cough cough plinkett reviews)?

Greg responds...

The process is very similar. Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg and the the Lucasfilm team came up with an arc for the series as a whole, a season's worth of stories for the first season, and plenty of ideas for multiple seasons to follow.

Any series has parameters. This is no different.

As for my opinion on the prequels - ASKED AND ANSWERED.

Response recorded on March 13, 2014