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Ghosts Reader writes...

Dear Greg:

I have a few trivial questions to ask about Rain of the Ghosts:

1. Throughout the novel, Charlie Dauphin's father was only ever referenced in relation to the watch he left Charlie. Is he deceased, or will he otherwise appear in the future?

2. In the novel, Callahan is hired by a mysterious Setebos. Was there an intention for you to reference the Tempest character with a similar sounding name (Caliban) and the deity he worships (Setebos)?

3. When Rain first encounters Callahan, she had the impression that he was chasing after her. Considering that this was before the band was transferred (and her "awakening"), was she correct or just mistaken?

4. Considering the etymology of the names of Rain's family (Cacique=chief, Bohique=priest, Nitainon=noble), is it safe to say the family descended from Taino nobility?

Thank you for taking the time.

Greg responds...

1. That's a spoiler request. No comment. Sorry.

2. Well, it wasn't by accident. <heh heh heh>

WARNING: A couple of spoilers for RAIN OF THE GHOSTS follows:

3. Mistaken, though of course there was a reason he had reserved a room at the Nitaino Inn... and that reason was the snake charm.

4. That's dealt with in some detail in the second book in the series: SPIRITS OF ASH AND FOAM. *But, yes, it's safe to say that.*

NOTE: It's very exciting to be answering (or even refusing to answer) questions about RAIN. Thank you!

Response recorded on April 30, 2014