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Al writes...

Are Demona and Desdemona biologically related, either as sisters or cousins? I ask not only because of the obvious similar names (almost like a "family name" - although I know that could not apply to them for various reasons in-universe), but also because, personality wise, they are similar - for example, they both have interests in higher powers uncommon for Gargoyles (Demona with magic and Desdemona being somewhat spiritual), they both seem verry passionate, and also they are both attracted to big muscular men.

Greg responds...


For starters, "Desdemona" isn't her name and never has been. It's what we used in the credits to identify her. Originally, she had no name. Now, she's Coldfire.

I think Demona's interest in magic for the sake of power has little in common with Coldfire's spirituality.

And if we assumed that everyone who's passionate and/or every female attracted to big strong males were related then I think that would presume that something like 50% of the human female population are sisters or cousins.

They are Rookery Sisters, of course.

Response recorded on June 18, 2014