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Anonymous writes...

I have a few questions regarding Banshee/Molly.

1a. Is the plate that covers her mouth made of iron?
1b. If not, how does it restrict her powers?
1c. Also, if it's not iron, why did Oberon put it there instead of "decreeing" her powers not work (like the restrictions on mortal interferance)?

2. Why is the plate still there when she becomes Molly if all of her magic is lost in that form anyway?

3. Is the plate a temporary punishment or permanant - meaning it cannot be removed, even by Oberon himself?

Greg responds...

1a. No.

1b. Oberon's power does the trick.

1c. Whim?

2. Huh? When does that happen?

3. Oberon can clearly remove it. Listen to his dialogue.

Response recorded on September 10, 2014