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Just Asking writes...

First of all, thank you, Brandon and the rest for making Young Justice. You guys have been the reason why I've started collecting DC titles instead of being a casual follower. Even Timm's DCAU couldn't do that.

You must probably have heard about the 'cancellation' of Beware the Batman. While it may have been too offbeat with awkward CGI, it was still a good show. And more importantly, a BATMAN show. Can't believe the state of DC tv animation is right now.

Is it possible for you or someone you know to talk to the DC guys so that they can create a DC nation channel, instead of being left to the whims of CN and toy sales?

I loved how you were able to create such a detailed universe in such a short time. Now that the New 52 is upon us and probably can be expected to last for the next decade or so, before the next 'Crisis', you guys need to pitch a new DCAU!

I'm fully confident that you can be a great showrunner (or overlord, if you prefer that term) to such a combined show universe. Timm did an excellent job but he barely made a scratch on DC's potentially huge cast.

One of my main grouses with YJ Season 2 is that we didn't see the team's growth during the 5 year period. Dick going from Robin to Nightwing, Connor-Megan's rift, Aqualad's 'betrayal' and the departure of Kid Flash and Artemis - all would have been better served if Season 2 was a Season 5 thing. You guys deserved to tell the entire story.

So, my question is: could you guys handle it? Would you be able to create an entire 'DC universe' (I know you can, but hearing it would feel great!) and if DC becomes sane again, would you do it after what they and CN did to YJ?

Hearing your book Rain of the Ghosts is doing really well, so kudos!

Greg Wiesmann, you have saved this city (sounded cool in my head :))

Greg responds...

1. That's way above my pay grade. I'm sure the idea has been floated on various occasions.

2. We did already. It was called Young Justice. It was called Earth-16. Brandon and I on the television side and Chris and I on the comics side made numerous pitches to keep the show going in various forms. All were given a pass by CN, WB & DC. But if they were willing, we'd all eagerly return to the property.

3. Rain of the Ghosts is, frankly, NOT doing really well. It and Spirits of Ash and Foam could use more readers, reviewers, buyers and people helping to spread the word.

Response recorded on October 07, 2014