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Kraken writes...

Hi (don't stay up night too long)

In all the spinoffs, you mentioned vilains that will show up, like: in Pendragon Duval is the main ennemy and in 2158: the Space-Spawns will be the main threat. What about Timedancer and New Olympians?

Will there be a main vilain in Timedancer and New Olympians?

Thanx...and later

Greg responds...

New Olympians is easy... There's Proteus of course, plus Jove (and his crew, including Helios and Boreas' son) and Ekidna (and her crew, including Kiron and her reluctant daughter Medusa). Plus the usual suspects. Xanatos, Sevarius. You know.

TimeDancer's trickier. I haven't fully decided if there's one over-riding villain. Calaban's a possiblity. So's the Archmage-Plus, believe it or not. I have one story for him for sure. Then there's Constantine. And the Space-Spawn. Duval. Mab. Like I said, I haven't decided.

Response recorded on June 30, 2000