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Sophie writes...

Hi Greg!
How are you?
I've had a look at all of the archive posts concerning zeta tubes but please forgive me if this has been asked...though I did read every post, so I'm gonna be pretty embarrassed if it has.

1. How exactly do zeta tubes work? Like does the person think of the place they want to go to, and it drops them off? Or do they input something into a computer?

Also, have you heard that the big boss of Cartoon Network (stu something) left/got sacked?! Now that there is someone new in control, who actually cares about cartoons, do you think we, as fans, should push for a season 3 again?

Many thanks for your time.

Greg responds...

1. They input their destination. Of course, they can only input destinations that ALSO have a zeta tube. You need a transmitter and a receiver.

I haven't seen any shift at CN, but it's also not CN's decision alone. Don't forget WB and DC too.

Response recorded on November 14, 2014