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J writes...


I was just reading your latest responses and someone asked why the Justice League didn't regrow Roy's arm, to which you responded: "Is that easier than I think it is?"

I don't get it...your a fantisy writer. Everything is easy in fantasy fiction. I mean your own show has the technology for cloning, instantanious travel as far as other solar systems, shrinking to subatomic sizes, manipulating elemental forces, traveling through time, etc. Most of which break all known laws of physics.
Regenerating lost limbs really isn't that far fetched even in the real world, where we're growing ears on the backs of mice & cloning whole animals or just organs, and advancing every day.
And all that aside, couldn't Zatanna just say "Worger S'yor mar!" at any time?

I understand that Roy had to be missing an arm for the story to play out how you wanted it to, and maby he likes his cybernetic arm better anyway and doesn't want a regular one...but why act like a near-reality wouldn't be a simple task (even for an okay writer, but especially for you) in a universe where the impossible is commonplace?

Greg responds...

If Zatanna could regrow arms just like that, don't you think she'd be doing that ALL THE TIME. It seems that would take a TON of mystic energy. (Besides, I'm not sure Roy wants his "ram" regrown.)

And in essence, in fantasy and science fiction, I'm against making anything too easy. For example, yes, we do teleportation, but we make sure there is a Zeta tube at EACH end, in order to NOT make teleporting too easy.

What makes me an okay writer, I think, is that I take these things seriously, and refuse to come up with easy solves. Of course, I could. But it's a bad idea.

Response recorded on December 06, 2014