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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg, I just saw your episode of Transformers prime and I have a few questions!

1- Always been curious about this one, what is the process for freelance writing like? Do they call you and give you a generall rundown of what needs to happen? How much freedom does the freelance have? Etc etc.

2- When Agent Fowler pepper sprays Knockout... did that REALLY work or was Knockout just being his usual dramatic self?

Greg responds...

1. Every show is different. In fact, sometimes episodes of the same show can be different. In this specific case, story editor Duane Capizzi handed me the premise for the story. We talked about what to do with it, and I wrote up a a beatsheet/outline and then, after notes, a couple drafts of script.

2. It worked a little. Then Knockout got dramatic with it.

Response recorded on December 11, 2014