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Larin Alexander writes...

Hello mr.Weisman.
  I'm a huge fan of your creations, your espetcially The Spectacular Spider Man, thanks to this show I'm right faith in you found!
  I do a huge fan of Marvel, especially I love spider man! And your the spectacular Spider Man was just manna from heaven, even when it began to show on the Disney XD, it was at that time the highest rating in the history channel!
But when your show is canceled, all dedicated fans mourned as I.Ultimate Spider Man did not meet my expectations and hopes. Show was not bad, but not for a modicum of revolutionary as yours. It does not matter watched it or not, A true insult to even little kids who watch it. The show is SO dumbed down and tries too hard to be funny. There's nothing worse than forced "humor".
We understand you do not want to because it was all over with your TV series, we remember that you told us that Sony returned the television rights "The Spectacular Spider Man'' Marvel back. But why sony retained ownership and all production elements, making for a show: the character designs, story lines????? They that film rights about Spidey was a little???? MR.Weisman What do you think?? - I do not see any sense!Disney's not guilty and Marvel, too, I think that Sony, even if they would have given all that is connected with a the spectacular man on film rights had no effect (and it is on the film rights they totally focused right now, and even threw a television and did not touch )! Disney and Sony are no longer competitors. I think you will not knowingly repeat your show on the Vortexx,and the ratings-your show does not become obsolete, and I think and believe that the show has a chance to be reborn. Well, I believe in your upcoming series of Star Wars Rebels and will definitely be watching!
Please Answer!!
And May the Force be with you and your chance to revive the animated series about Spidey!!!
(I'm from Russia, and sorry if what I have written is not so!)

Greg responds...

Larin, I'm honestly not clear what you're asking.

But as I've said over and over, Sony can't do Spectacular Spider-Man, since they no longer have the animation rights. And Marvel/Disney can't do Spectacular Spider-Man without paying Sony for the rights to do THAT version of the property. And that's NOT going to happen, because they can do their own version without paying anyone.

Response recorded on July 01, 2015