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Vashkoda writes...

1a) Would there be any point in the future when the practice of mortal magic becomes more common than it is at the time of "The Journey"?

b) If so, roughly how long would it take for such a revival to come to pass? (decades, years, centuries?)

2a) Why is it so dangerous to mix fae and mortal magic? Energy is energy, right? And both fae and mortal magic are presumably of earthly origin. So what makes them so incompatible? b) What are the actual consequences of mixing the two?

3) The Archmage was able to bring the Grimorum to Avalon by "bending the rules", and so bypassed Oberon's Law. But in the end, he was still using the Eye to control the Grimorum, and hence, was "mixing magics". Why didn't this have any (visible) consequences?

4a) You've mentioned "ghost magic" before. Would it fall under the "mortal magic" category, or is it a completely different form of magic? b) If it's different, is it safe to mix with mortal or fae magic?

5) Which is the Megalith Dance powered by--fae or mortal magic?

6a) Do any New Olympians possess (or are capable of practicing) "fae" magic? b) Do any New Olympians practice "mortal" magic?

Greg responds...

1a. Maybe a tiny bit -- but not until WAY beyond 2198.

b. Centuries.

2a. Different frequencies maybe. Feedback. I don't know exactly. Just is.

b. BOOM. Usually. Or some other backfiring.

3. The Eye is a bit more flexible. It WANTS to "help".

4a. Another category, I think, maybe, sorta.

b. Not recommended, but less dangerous.

5. Not telling its origin right now.

6a. Maybe, but it's more internalized as "powers" generally.

b. Maybe, but not many. They're a technology driven society.

Response recorded on October 26, 2000