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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

I wanted to let you know that I was just looking over the DC Comics solicitations for October 2014 on the Internet on this link here:


Do you see where it says "The Multiversity: The Just #1"?

Unless my eyes were deceiving me, the description about this title is suggesting that this is EARTH-16 in the NEW 52 DC multiverse.

Does that mean the "Young Justice" universe that you set up in 2011 is no longer Earth-16 and is that why the show ended prematurely when it did? Did Grant Morrison NOT know that Earth-16 was already handpicked and used by you as you saw fit or is something else going on here?! If this is fate's way of saying that "Young Justice' is pretty much gone, I can imagine that a lot "Young Justice" fans are probably going to be REALLY angry!

Greg responds...

1. I have no inside info, but reading that release, it does seem like they've wiped out our Earth-16 for this one.

2. This had nothing at all to do with Young Justice not being picked up for a third season. Nothing. Trust me.

3. I have no clue if Grant knew about our Earth-16 or not. You'd have to ask him. (I admire his work, but I've never met the guy.)

4. To be honest, this is just a technicality. If DC and/or WB and/or CN decide to bring YJ back in some form or another, this won't make much of a difference. If not, this still won't make much of a difference. Our stories still exist, are still out there. Whatever they do with their "Earth-16" won't change that.

It's also worth noting that - although we asked for an unused Earth and DC said, "Take Earth-16." - it turned out that Earth-16 was NOT unused prior to us. So we had to ignore prior Earth-16 continuity. For all I know this version of Earth-16 is the original, and we were the usurpers.

Response recorded on July 30, 2015