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Jane writes...

Hello I have a few questions.
1. Has wonder girls birthday pass yet in young justice invasion making her 15? I know you stated before the second season on December 31st (2015) she was 14 which would mean that she would be aging another year 2016 making her going on 15.
2. Is tim drake the same age as wonder girl, making him also going on 15, and if so when?
3. What grade is wonder girl in? 9th going to 10th or already 10th?
Thank you

Greg responds...

1. I haven't set a specific birthDATE for her as yet. And I'm afraid my memory isn't sufficient to even confirm what you've written here, since I don't have my YJ timeline here at my Nick office.

2. Ditto. But I believe they are the same basic age.

3. Haven't thought about it.

You might also check the YJ Wiki: http://youngjustice.wikia.com/wiki/Young_Justice_Wiki

I can't give a blanket confirmation that everything on it at any given moment is correct, but generally it gets things right.

Response recorded on October 22, 2015