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Anonymous writes...

1. For Season 2, did you consider changing Kaldur's code name?

2. Did you consider changing his code name for a future season?

3. What would you have considered changing his name to? (had you changed it for Season 2 or changed it for a future season)

4. What is Kaldur's reasoning for still going by the name Aqualad eventhough he is 21?

5. What is your reasoning for still having Kaldur go by the name Aqualad eventhough he is 21?

Greg responds...

1. He didn't really need a code name at all in Season Two, so... no.

2. No Spoilers.

3. No Spoilers.

4. There hasn't been any impetus to change it up to this point.

5. See above.

Response recorded on October 26, 2015