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Spectacular Spider-Fan writes...

1. Why is Rand so much nicer than Flash and Kenny? He never picks on anybody, and helps stop Flash from throwing water balloons at Peter. It also seems to be why he's still Sally's boyfriens. What is the reasoning for this?
2. Why is Liz interested in Peter, and how far dod she want the relationship to go?
3. Why does Roderick Kingsley work at a perfume company? This was very clearly pointed out, but I'm not sure why this is significant.
4. Why was Harry such a jerk in Final Curtain? He is manipulating Gwen into staying in the relationship with him, keeping Peter and Gwen apart, but he has never acted like this in previous episodes.
5. Do Peter and Gwen ever get together? Gwen is extremely intelligent, and will probably realize what Harry is doing soon, giving them a happy ending, but this seems too simple for at least three more seasons of subplots.

Greg responds...

1. I'm not sure I understand the question. That's his character.

2. I'll let you evaluate this from the episodes.

3. It would have been clearer if we had had more episodes, and I'm not one for spoilers. But if you want more info read the original old Spidey comics with Kingsley.

4. I believe what we did with Harry was perfectly in character.

5. No spoilers.

Response recorded on November 11, 2015