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hmmaster writes...

Hey Greg! I want to thank you gain for your awesome career. Basically every single show that you have ever worked on in some capacity has been awesome, which is a track record that should get you plenty of work in the future.

My question is sort of a roundabout one. You did a Google hangout talk with a few of the popular YouTube reviewers of Young Justice over the summer, and something came up that piqued my interest. One of the topics was going to be what a potential season 3 might look like, what kinds of storylines that we could expect to see (or want to see). You stopped the discussions before it could start because of legal reasons, so I was wondering what that entails.

Is it the same rule that makes you incapable of reading fanfiction if you wanted? Like, if I or someone else were to ask a question regarding a list of what storylines we wanted to see, would you be incapable of even acknowledging said list? Would you just give a usual response of a spoiler request if you did acknowledge it? Would that list then make you incapable of using any of those storylines if you answered the question? Does it all fall under the same legal umbrella?

(I apologize if that isn't very clear)

Greg responds...

Were they asking me what we had planned or TELLING me what they'd like to see? (I can't remember.)

In any case, I always try to discourage folks from telling me their ideas. It does put me at a legal risk, in that if we used an idea - that we came up with on our own - that is in anyway similar to an idea that I was exposed to, that person might decide to sue.

Beyond that... I DON'T TAKE REQUESTS. And I don't give out spoilers.

Response recorded on March 03, 2016