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Liz writes...

Absolutely loved Young Justice. And I think your work is awesome! First time asking here.

1. I was looking up Klarion the Witch Boy on the Young Justice Wikipedia and it said that his age was ageless. I compared Klarion's age to Doctor Fate/Nabu's, and it said Nabu's age was eternal. What's the difference?

2. Does their age difference have anything to do with them being opposite species, for instance, are all lords of order's ages eternal, and all lords of chaos ageless?

3. Is either Klarion or Nabu older than the other? If so, which one was born first?

4. What were the other reasons Klarion joined the Light?

5. At what point did he join the Light?

Greg responds...

1. Semantics.

2. You're quibbling over synonyms. I'm not sure how to respond.


4. Chaos.


Response recorded on March 31, 2016