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GoliathFan223 writes...

Hello, Greg. Hope you're doing well.

Dropping in with another question. I hope it doesn't go into spoiler territory, but I apologize in advance if it does. I searched the archive and did not see it (then again, the archive is so massive, I may have overlooked it and for that I also apologize in advance).

The question has been bugging me for a while and it's regarding Young Justice: Invasion, particularly the episode "Endgame":

Is Black Beetle (in his original form after his scarab is destroyed via Blue Beetle), that is, is his species from the planet Rimbor or Raan or somewhere else? (I mainly ask because I thought his design was awesome. Phil did a wonderful job!)

Wish you well and I appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge my question (:

Greg responds...

He's from the Reach homeworld.

Response recorded on October 06, 2016