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Jacob writes...

Recently you implied that if people binge Young Justice it could get revived. While I want that is it possible? A lot of the writers and animators have broken up and are doing other things ex. Kevin is a writer for Star Wars Rebels. I'm not trying to be a cynic its just a huge hurdle that no one seems to be discussing.

Greg responds...

Not every single person who EVER worked on the series would be back, certainly, but we'd get the cast back. And Brandon Vietti, Phil Bourassa and myself have all made it clear we'd come back, and I believe we're the three individuals who are truly essential to the show beyond the cast. Kevin isn't on Rebels anymore, but he does have other work. I don't know whether we'd get him back specifically, though I would hope so. But I can guarantee you that the writing would still be top-notch.

To be clear, this is all theoretical. The show isn't back. We simply are hopeful and optimistic.

Response recorded on October 07, 2016