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cabes writes...

hi greg!! first i just wanna say, i love young justice and i really hope it can come back one day! i kind of cried when i heard about the netflix thing.
soo, a few questions?!

1. does dick still have romani heritage in earth sixteen canon? I apologize if that's already been asked.
2. how did arsenal stay fifteen (i believe) for eight years? was there some
kind of anti-aging technology in play when he was on ice?
3. i don't actually have a third question. wait, yes i do. is there a chance the yj original trio will make some sort of appearence, since they're all on the team now? that's a spoiler, though isn't it..

Greg responds...

1. No Spoilers.

2. He was frozen.

3. I honestly don't know what you're asking here. But in any case, it would clearly be a spoiler.

Response recorded on October 12, 2016