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Hannu Grén writes...

Hello Greg, and greetings from Finland! :-)

I have noticed recently that I have started to get VERY interested in "Gargoyles". Haven't seen much of the series yet, but from what I have seen and heard, it looks awesome.

There is a problem though. I have no idea if the DVD's have ever been released outside US. If there was an European release, I would probably had already got it. I would import if it was a possibility; however, I strongly suspect that the DVD's are region locked and won't work on European DVD players.

Who could be an appropriate person to ask about this? I know you aren't directly working as a Disney representative, but I thought you could possibly know some contact to ask about this.

Also, do you know if the series is watchable on some video-on-demand service? I would really love to see more about the series.

Thank you already for your time.

Greg responds...

I'd love to be able to help you, but I don't know who to contact specifically, aside from just reaching out to Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

And I don't know of any streaming service, etc., that has the series. Wish I did.

Response recorded on December 19, 2016