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Brandon writes...

Dear Greg,
I greatly admire your work on Young Justice for which I am eagerly waiting a third season (should it ever come to fruition). It gave me new appreciation for characters from the DC pantheon, such as Blue Beetle and Impulse. I also enjoyed Spectacular Spider-Man but I was already a Spider-Man fan before the series, so in a way, Young Justice is more impressive to me because of how much it made me care for characters I knew nothing about beforehand. With that out of the way, a few questions:

1. Do the Justice League/Team have a "No Kill Rule", or some kind of policy on killing? M'gann's "mind crush" seems to be as far as they'll go.

2. When the Reach were experimenting on Jaime Reyes, they mentioned that the only way to reboot the scarab would be to kill him. We later learn that Green Beetle, an agent of the Reach, can reboot the scarab without killing him. What is the purpose of this deception?

3. When Luthor sent the Runaways onto the Warworld, was he expecting them to succeed in their mission, or was he thinking they would be captured? Obviously it benefits the Light to have the heroes freed and working against the Reach, but I'm thinking Luthor was more concerned with stealing the crystal key.

Thank you for reading my questions and I sincerely hope Young Justice comes back.


Greg responds...

1. I don't know if they need to bother making that a RULE. Killing is illegal in most every culture. But... sure.

2. Green Beetle's Martian physiology allowed for a number of unusual possibilities. There was no deception in the Scientist's earlier statement. She was talking about normal procedures. And Green Beetle wasn't on Earth yet.

3. The key was the priority. But I think he thought they had a chance.

Response recorded on January 16, 2017