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Jarrod writes...

Hello Greg!

As Always, thank you for all the work you do, I find your writing fantastic.

My Question relates to Tye Longshadow's mother in YJ.

I wonder why she stays with Maurice. She was previously with Tye's father, who we know no personal details about, and somehow is no with Maurice who by her own admission has "a lot of bad days." I think it is important to have that bit of reality in your works, there are people who stay in emotionally, verbally, or even physically abusive relationships for a variety of reasons. I certainly appreciate that you put the effort into showcasing real world problems, even in a superhero show. But why Maurice? She has a future (possibly) Tribal Chief for a son, why stay with such a repulsive man?

Since we never see her again, I hope she left him when Jaime turned him in for the bootlegging...

Many Thanks!

Greg responds...

Well, we don't know EXACTLY when she gave Maurice his walking papers, but it clearly happened before Tye and Asami came back to live with her at the end of episode 220.

The answer to "Why Maurice?" is pretty much what you listed above. It was an unhealthy relationship, but for a period of time, she thought it was all she deserved, and that many of the problems were her fault.

(And I wouldn't read too much into things like "future tribal chief". That's really got nothing to do with anything, even if it is true.)

Response recorded on January 18, 2017