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SnivyLink writes...

I'm so HAPPY to hear that there are LGBT characters in Young Justice! I hope this doesn't count as a spoilery question but my question is quite simple really... When you said that, did you mean it? What I MEAN by that is... Are there LGBT Characters... As in plural? As in more than ONE?

And thats my question! As a gay male I'm so glad that you are very open minded and really do care about representation. I hope we get to see some same sex relationships in season 3! I played Young Justice in the background all the time on Netflix because I really was holding on to that sliver of hope that it would be renewed and I'm so glad that it worked!

Greg responds...

We've established that Marie Logan was either a lesbian or bi-sexual. In my mind, yes, there are other LGBTQ characters in the series, as well. But I am NOT promising anything at all about what will be revealed or seen in Season Three.

Response recorded on March 28, 2017