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Harry writes...

Hey Greg! I'm very, very happy that Young Justice is back! I wanted to ask your opinion on Male same-sex couples in media and why they don't seem very common. I've noticed that lots of cartoons, even shows in general, that dare delve into LGBT themes only take FEMALE same-sex couples seriously, never male ones, and if they do have any male gay couples, they are never seen, only alluded to, or as the butt of a joke. As a gay male I'm ECSTATIC that LGBT themes are now being explored EVERYWHERE, but I'm forced to wonder why it seems that only lesbian couples are ever fleshed out, or as fleshed out as it can be currently.

So since you work in the industry I'd like to know your opinion on the matter, and also any insight as to WHY male gay couples take a back seat on these things. My theory is that same sex female couples are less "threatening" then male ones, as to why... I guess that just speaks on us as a society.

Greg responds...

I'd tend to agree with your assessment.

Response recorded on April 28, 2017